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We believe that the value of medicines increase immensely only when it is shipped from manufacturer to the patient at the right time and when there is an imminent need to save life. We stringently maintain all parameters, standards and quality from the time it leaves the manufacturer till it reaches the patient. 

Best storage practices:

Maintaining the best storage conditions for life-saving medicines are vital to ensuring their quality for them to be effective. Product expiry dates are based on ideal storage, transportation conditions and protecting product quality until their expiry date is important to serve customers. We achieve the highest order accuracy powered by high-touch customer support services gained by continuous investments in our operations capabilities and logistics infrastructure.
At Vardhman, we understand the importance of conditions while shipping and storing life-saving medicines. We have invested crores of rupees to set up most advanced medicine storage facilities. We understand storage requirements and that has helped us design and develop a clean, dust-free and temperature-controlled state-of-the-art storage facility. Our SCM encompasses

Efficient cold chain and supply chain management

We have years of experience in distributing medicines across the country and have set up advanced facilities to store huge stocks of medicines of different kinds that need different environmental conditions. The facility, spread across a vast expanse of land has large walk in cold rooms maintained at the prescribed and required temperature; temperatures are constantly monitored with data loggers throughout the year to maintain their safety and efficacy.

Our storage facility is fully automated and it is backed by uninterrupted power supply and regulatory authorities also conduct regular checks before validation. As a widely recognized medicine distributor across India, Vardhman is known to be India's best source for super-speciality medicines.

We ensure that from the moment critical care medicines enters our facility; they are handled and stored in best conditions as per international standards. Most critical to operational success is our dedicated and experienced team that stands behind our services to ensure the utmost product quality and maximum customer satisfaction is achieved through cold chain and supply chain management.


RxVHS Mobile App:

We provide clinically-proven medical products and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective solutions that enhance supply chain efficiency from hospital to home. Backed by vast experience, a strong team and a wide network, we connect all Super Speciality Hospitals, patients, providers, pharmacists and manufacturers for integrated care coordination and better patient management.

Vardhman operates by emphasising commitment, by exhibiting professionalism and achieving the highest quality possible in the industry. At any given point, we stock more than 1,000 brands from more than 40 reputed global manufacturers servicing customers at reasonable pricing with cold chain-supply chain management and timely deliveries.

Vardhman has an industry-leading telesales approach that is backed up by a dedicated follow-up team and a logistics setup. We have adopted superior technology that go hand-in-hand with an exemplary customer service. All this to ensure that life-saving medicines reach the patients at the right time and at the right price – for a better, pain-free and healthy world.